Art Zurich – 21ª edizione internazionale

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Teaser of Art Fair Zurich 2019 | Created by JFR – Jean Francois Réveillard | 

21º Contemporary Art Fair Zurich

Il Contemporary Art Fair Zurich è un importante appuntamento per l’Arte a Zurigo, anche quest’anno al PULS 5 in Giessereistrasse 18, a Zurigo.
La vernice è fissata per il 26 settembre alle ore 18; opere provenienti da ben 20 diversi paesi, saranno accompagnate dalle note del sax di “Mr. Soulsax”. Omogeneo il collegamento tra l’Artist Positions e l’Art Galleries, un’esposizione in continua crescita da oltre 21 anni.
L’aspettativa è riconfermare il gran numero di visitatori delle passate edizioni, oltre 20.000!

Jean-Francois Réveillard (JfR): Serie RELIQUIAE. 2019. cross media installation. (002) / mixed media. Courtesy of Jean-Francois Réveillard, CH-Engelberg

Zurich Art Fair: Event performance by JfR

RELIQUIAE – Does art have any meaning?
Il nuovo evento di JfR.

Distopia: l’uomo scaricherà la sua coscienza in forme oniriche, i resti di uno stato naturale perduto. Una volta scomparso, l’uomo esisterà solo attraverso le reliquie religiosamente mantenute dalle macchine. Domandarsi qual’è la traccia lasciata dalle nostre esistenze è una caratteristica dell’inizio di questo secolo. JfR lavora su cimeli, artefatti, immagini, in riferimento alla questione dell’arte e alla sua persistenza nella scala temporale. Oltre al semplice atto di creare per aggiornare nuovi concetti, mostrando come si integrano nella natura, una volta che il loro creatore è scomparso, la domanda è: “rimanere vivi?” e “hanno ancora un posto nel possibile futuro?”.
L’arte e la sua necessità come messaggio o come artefatto, in un futuro in cui l’uomo perde gradualmente il suo posto sul pianeta? Il lavoro proposto attraverso RELIQUIAE 2019 dà uno sguardo verso l’emergenza di civiltà.

21st Contemporary Art Fair
26 - 29 Settembre 2019
Puls 5, Zurich / Switzerland

Opening Hours:
Thursday 26 September, 18:00-21:00 (Opening)
Friday 27 September, 10:00-20:00
Saturday 28 September, 10:00-20:00
Sunday 29 September, 10:00-18:00
Highlights at Art International Zurich 2019:

# Aile Gallery (Seoul, South Korea):
Aile Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and exhibition space located in the heart of the art and fashion district Gangnam in Seoul. It promotes Korean artists at national and international level. Aile Gallery is currently dedicated to the promotion of 5 exclusive artists and 20 active artists. Aile Gallery presents different artistic contents, educational programmes and exhibitions.

# Fondation Artists-Way (Saint-Légier, Switzerland):
Fondation Artists-Way, as an art platform and with gallery work, is building a bridge between Switzerland, Kosovo and the metropolis Tel-Aviv (Israel).

# Artisyou Gallery (Paris, France):
Artisyou Gallery is exhibiting a wide selection of multiples by American, Japanese and French artists of the 1970s and 1980s under the exhibition name "Lithomania". Multiple works by Robert Motherwell, Andy Warhol, Richard Lindner, Sadamasa Motonoga, Pierre Soulages and ceramics by Pablo Picasso will be shown. Artisyou Gallery was founded in 2000 by Annick and Olivier Habib. The gallery, based in Paris and Saint Tropez, concentrates on abstract post-war paintings. A monographic solo exhibition of Geneviève Claisse, Wifredo Lam, François Arnal and Jacques Doucet was also held. Previously, the gallery also concentrated on the Japanese school Gutai (Tsuyoshi Maekawa, Senkichiro and Atsuko Tanaka, Chiyue Uemae, Yasuo Sumi).

# Pedro Blas (Zurich, Switzerland):
Pedro Blas was born in Caracas (Venezuela) and now lives and works between Barcelona and Zurich. After studying at the School of Design in Caracas, he continuously developed his passion for drawing, painting and photography. At the fair he presents current works under the title "A Study in Symmetry".

# Francesco Cusumano (Buelach, Switzerland):
Francesco Cusumano came from figurative art to abstract painting. He creates a very personal pictorial world with light/shadow games and perspectives. In the visual interpretation of experiences and feelings, grey tones in particular help to clearly separate or bundle the various nuances.

# Duarte-Artists (Germany / South Africa):
Everett Paul Duarte is a contemporary South African artist whose abstract paintings reflect colour, life and creative power in an organic formal language. Exploding, flowing, constantly new and reappearing forms appear in a constant state of transition. The visual language he creates on the canvas is both powerful and fascinating - everything is in motion, pulsating, captured for a moment. Frances Schandera-Duarte paints, glues, layers with oil pencils and paint, ink, gauze, rubble and various papers her mostly meditative pictures. White offers her the largest imaginary pictorial space, from which visionary elements flash up that permit a variety of interpretations. With lively surfaces and idiosyncratic structures, she creates mysterious images with and without representational references. Her works cause the viewer to move in order to obtain as much information as possible about the picture's surface and material.

# Gloria Galovic (Wettingen, Switzerland):
In her photographs, Gloria Galovic captures insights into life by confronting herself with the world. Galovic captures reality and receives isolated fragments of it. Her artistic work is always about confrontation. The photographer also captures the reactions to her "hunting behaviour", e.g. at tourist hotspots.

# Susette Goldschmid (Zurich, Switzerland):
Susette Goldschmid explores the macrocosm and microcosm in her pictures. The pictures consist of thousands of small silver dots, realistically painted on a dark background. In this way, the artist visualizes universal themes such as devotion and passion, connectedness and struggle.

# Halde Gallery (Widen, Switzerland):
Halde Gallery presents contemporary paintings and sculptures at the fair. Halde Gallery represents selected young talents as well as established artists. At the fair, the gallery presents artworks that represent timeless and aesthetic positions and delight the soul in the classical sense.

# Harang Gallery (Seoul / South Korea)
Harang Gallery specializes in advising Korean artists. Its aim is to promote emerging and established artists from Korea internationally and to introduce international artists to the local art scene. Gallery Harang establishes close relationships with collectors, curators and art professionals worldwide. This year's exhibition concept at the fair is based on modern and simple artworks that convey peace and tranquillity in an overburdened picture world. Some of the artworks are painted on traditional Korean Hanji paper.

# Dayami Hayek (Cully, Switzerland):
Dayami Hayek creates works deeply connected to the soul, full of silent happiness and sadness. Using colours and brushes, her art is nothing less than a struggle for the soul. Dayami Hayek's works can be seen in an exclusive presentation at the fair.

# Home’Art (Brussels, Belgium):
Home'Art presents modern abstract paintings and sculptures, among others by the American artist Gordon Hopkins. His works find their strength in a unique technique and the use of strong colours. Outlines of everyday objects appear over multiple layers of paint and form landscapes.

# Ink Gallery (Geneva, Switzerland):
Ink Gallery shows acrylic works by Grégoire Murith alongside etchings by Alexandru Trifu. The themes are geometric abstraction and contemporary minimalism. Ink Gallery collaborates with around 30 artists.

# JonaQuestArt (London, UK):
JonaQuestArt is a young art gallery from Greenwich, London. At the fair the gallery presents contemporary works by international painters and sculptors having their roots in Africa. The exhibition covers a kaleidoscope of dynamic colours, media, textures and positions itself at the interface of culture, aesthetics and philosophy.

# Robert Korizek (Zollikerberg, Switzerland):
Robert Korizek realizes since decades photographic projects in different regions of the world. He creates works with statement, power and style. On the occasion of the fair, Robert Korizek presents a selection of large-format photographs of Arctic ice landscapes in Greenland. The meticulously composed and lavishly executed photographs were preferably taken under dramatic light conditions during the midnight sun, when darkness falls, or in fog and rain. Common to all these situations is the perceptible, majestic, often mystical aura of inhospitable remoteness and the apparent transience of the seemingly eternal ice. These subtle but essential impressions and moods complete the photographic image with emotions, and it is only thanks to this captivating combination that works of meaning, power and aesthetics are created. For the realization of this project, Korizek was mainly on small ships or manoeuvrable boats - at any time of the day or night, in any weather.

# Kunstschür (Stein am Rhein, Switzerland):
Kunstschür shows concrete art by Willi Hofmann (Frauenfeld) at the fair. His acrylic paintings are well thought-out works with a geometric and ingenious arrangement: clear, precise elements in the form of lines, squares, rectangles, triangles or circles are combined and effectively combined to form a perfect whole. The lively works radiate balance and harmony but can be charged with tension or explosive.

# Gallery Manualis (Evian-les-Bains / Paris, France):
Gallery Manualis is an art gallery founded in 2019 by Jurata Wajda, sculptor and art restorer from Toruń (Poland). The Gallery works internationally and promotes contemporary art and unusual artists from all over the world. Manualis presents paintings, graphics and sculptures in various styles - from abstraction through expressionism to hyperrealism.

# Paméla Maria (Amsterdam, Netherlands):
Paméla Maria studied classical art in Belgium and industrial design in the Netherlands. The "beauty of everyday life" and the theme "Nothing is what it seems to be" are guiding themes in her work. Nature is an important source of inspiration here: zooming in on patterns, structures and light in the (urban) landscape. In her works these impressions merge into each other and result in new compositions of endless colours. The reliefs are made of yarn and paper or cardboard, photographs depicting the calm landscape of Holland. The subtle use of colours and detailed texture is a refined play with light and determines the character of the artworks. Colour plays an important role in this process; the seemingly flat surface is transformed into a multidimensional relief. Several series are inspired by the way in which water and air influence each other, creating an endless array of colours.

# Annette Mewes-Thoms (Hamburg, Germany):
Annette Mewes-Thoms presents an extensive presentation with works on the subject of LINE. For many years she was artistically occupied with the element of water and the study of its surface reflections. She tried to depict the essence of water without portraying it. It was reduced more and more to the line. Now the artist applies layers and condenses lines on several levels, creating moving structures and even visual sensations.

# Shuk Orani (Hamburg, Germany):
The multimedia artist Shuk Orani shows paintings from his series "Homosaphia_2000" with the theme Human Civilization. In excerpts from the world of our species, human behaviour (e.g. superficiality, exuberance, egoism, narcissism) is depicted in the form of moments.

# Bhanu Palam (Chennai, India):
Bhanu Palam draws inspiration for her works from cosmology and spirituality. Born in India and grown up in New York, she uses painting techniques such as henna to unite her different cultural roots.

# Simon Kessler aka Rafka (Zollikon, Switzerland):
Rafka takes the viewer on a journey through the sparkling universe of his great paintings. A mixture of special pigments and colours / dispersions provides the effects. The refined pigments only really come into their own through light irradiation.

# Jean-François Réveillard aka JfR (Engelberg, Switzerland):
JF Réveillard likes to define himself as a cross-media image maker. His work always revolves around a central theme with strong statements. He is influenced by philosophy and modern life. His creations use the latest techniques, but always remain grounded. At the fair, the artist presents his latest multimedia installation RELIQUIAE 2019, which deals with a dystopia in which man downloads his consciousness in dream-like forms. The already lost state of nature disappears completely and exists only through relics (remnants) that are maintained by machines. JfR poses the question of the traces that our existence and civilizations will leave behind. He refers to the challenge and role of art to guarantee permanence and sustainability. Does art have any meaning as a message or merely as an artefact in a future in which man is gradually losing his place on the planet? More info:

# Ruth Gallery (Bertrange, Luxembourg):
Ruth Gallery is a young and innovative gallery from Luxembourg. The gallery focuses on contemporary Asian art and pop art from the USA and the Middle East.

# Smart Ship Gallery (Tokyo, Japan):
In 2011 Smart Ship Gallery was founded in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. Smart stands for the promotion of creative thinking. This is how the Gallery wants to connect art with society. Contemporary spirit and social background have a great influence on the creation of works of art. Smart Ship Gallery supports artists who constantly develop their global perspective and thus participate in the flow to future generations. Smart Ship knows that people have a fundamental interest in art, they long for a tangible expression of themselves. In addition to promoting Japanese artists, Smart Ship is also committed to the international promotion of traditional Japanese techniques and expressions. Smart Ship also actively presents artists from overseas in Japan.

# J. F. Sochurek (St. Poelten, Austria):
The work of the Austrian artist J. F. Sochurek comprises acrylic colours on aluminium and acrylic plates or canvases, picture and wall objects with anodised aluminium tubes and epoxy resin, installations, mirrors as picture carriers, spatial objects and works in public space. J. F. Sochurek is artist of the Cooperative Contrapunktum.

# Kristina Sretkova (Berlin, Germany):
Kristina Sretkova is active worldwide as an artist. Her large, colourful and luminous paintings are very popular wherever she shows them.

# Stella Art (Tokyo, Japan):
Stella Art presents Takeda Souun, one of the most famous calligraphers and Kanji artists in Japan. Takeda Souun creates works of art that inspire people to lead an active life full of recognition and happiness. He believes that an exponential wave of well-being and gratitude in society will eventually create a peaceful and better world. With great respect for the traditional calligraphic ways, Takeda Souun does not hesitate to go new ways to create calligraphic works. In its combination of ability, competence, energy and creative spirit, calligraphy is one of the most powerful spiritual art forms in which words are brought to life.

# TAT Shona Art Gallery (Gisikon, Switzerland):
Shona stone sculptures from Zimbabwe have been present on the international art scene for over 50 years. In their very poor country, however, the sculptors have hardly any access to the art market (partly due to the lack of tourism). However, the artistic potential there is very impressive. Therefore, the TAT Shona Art Gallery offers these artists a platform in Switzerland.

# Honys Torres (Zurich, Switzerland / Venezuela):
Honys Torres presents a series of paintings in neo-pop style at the fair, the symbolism of which is accompanied by current political, cultural and social events: The artist creates a plastic universe full of references to pop culture. These meanwhile universal symbols interact in a critical to sarcastic discourse, seemingly with the intention of simulating a new reality. Torres does not spare the existential conflicts of modern society, which also dissolve into collective thought. Torres has participated in numerous art salons and exhibitions in almost all of Venezuela. She is represented in major national collections and museums in Venezuela.

# Unikatschmiede Kaufmann (Deitingen, Switzerland):
Jonas Kaufmann creates sculptures, furniture and practical things under the label jUNIkAT with wood and iron - always in the focus of design and elegance. Jonas Kaufmann seamlessly combines a distinctive feel for aesthetics with craftsmanship. At the fair, Jonas Kaufmann will be showing metal sculptures from the series " beastly quiet".

# Chris van Weidmann (Elgg, Switzerland):
The artist creates stunningly precise works of art in perfect craftsmanship. Viewed from a distance, they constitute a picture. Only at close range is it possible to notice that the entire work consists of the artist's handwriting. The hair-thin works in ink pen sharpen the eye for tiny wonders of nature or stories from everyday life. In the hand-written unique pieces, Chris van Weidmann subtly combines image, word and text content. Chris van Weidmann practices the art of calligraphy with passion.

# NuSo Art presented by Ingo Wilde (Zurich, Switzerland):
Wilde will exclusively show works by the Colombian artist Nubia Soledad Garcia Hernandez at the fair. In her works, the artist deals with the themes of identity and individualization of the individual and society. They are realized in abstract paintings in acrylic, encaustic or oil on canvas with texture.

# wkomma Art Management (Cologne, Germany):
SaSa Art is a collaboration of artists, photographers and art curators. The group was founded in Sardinia (Italy). They all share the Metacycling Art, also known as Upcycling Art. In this, discarded objects and materials have a creative value. For Stefano Sanna, a young, successful artist, parts of old boats are the source of his artworks. The Mexican photo artist Hector Adalid lives and works in New York. Adalid is a pioneer of Metacycling Photo Art. At the fair, Cologne pop art artist Juergen Kuhl contrasts these works with his screen prints.

# YanYan (Switzerland):
The works of the Chinese artist YanYan are characterized by the traditional Chinese painting, as well as by typical motives of Switzerland. Thus, is the motto of her exhibition "Two worlds, one artist!" YanYan often works thematically in series. This is how "Made in Switzerland", "Matterhorn" and "Porcelain" were created.