BIANCOSCURO Interview: Johnessco Rodriguez

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Johnessco Rodriguez was born in Mexico in 1979,  is the President of OPUS Eventi and always eats three passions: music, travel and the ARTS. Johnessco is a entrepreneur renowned for his capacity to create large scale events that attract international attention. In recent months he has been roaming the globe to gather some of the world’s best artists for the best evente in the french riviera Art Monaco. Johnessco is the Artistic Director of Art Monaco and we interviewed him in the prestigious and luxurious Principality of Monaco. This interview and the photographs were completed in July at the Art Monaco 2015. The interview was conducted by Vincenzo Chetta, assisted by Massimo Basile.


Johnessco what’s the secret of events organized by Opus Eventi:
Opus Eventi is Specializing in producing and managing events from every angle of the entertainment industry, Opus Eventi has catered its esteemed services to English, Hispanic, and French markets from every corner of the globe. Focusing on the production, management, and coordination of large-scale (VIP) events in the world of visual and performing arts, Opus Eventi’s team has coordinated fine art exhibitions, art trade shows, concerts, and music festivals of all genres. Continuing to manage events in over 30 countries, including Monaco, France, the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and Ireland, we pride ourselves on maintaining an international appeal.
Providing services drawn up to your specifications, your preferences and visions are the most valuable elements in our creation and organization of your custom event. A dynamic, fully-rounded event production, promotion, and management company, Opus Eventi is well-versed in marketing strategies that are designed to have your event or idea recognized by the top of the entertainment industry.

How do you stay leader, in a political and economic context as the current one ?
The key of everything is to care about the people that supports your event. Being present and facing any and ALL challenging situation for little or bigger this can be. It is important to be present at all times and take a special interest in resolving any situation.
Our events have as an objective to create not only business opportunities but to provide visibility/ exposure worldwide to the people who participate with us.

What are the Art Monaco goals and how you obtained?
Art Monaco Goal is to create a FULL happening in the Principality of Monaco, we are looking to attract the eyes of other production companies and hopefully in the near feature we can have several events all at the same time and make of Monaco a huge international arena mixed of art.

You never been attempted to give up and do something else?
No really. I never give up. However Art Monaco is only one of the events we produced and the projects we manage. Opus Eventi has other activities year round and as a businessman I also have many other projects on the side so I keep myself very busy at all times.

Art Monaco has reached to collect more than 60 galleries around the World, are you satisfied with this goal?
Yes certainly, every year that is our desired number. We don’t want more. We chose to have these amount of exhibitors s , I believe is the perfect size for Monaco. Having more exhibitors or a larger show will not be good the moment. We need to create momentum.


This year you will put together Art Works by Pollock, Hirst, Picasso, Dali, Indiana and Arman: How the market reacts to artists quotes like that?
As they say, people that is shopping around for this type of artwork, do not really have bad financial periods so the market is very stable. Galleries with this type of artwork do an additional promotional and PR activity to settle appointments in advance and sales occur in a different level.

Tell us about typical day OPUS EVENT President, during the days leading up to the vernissage?
Well… Contrary to what people might think, days before the Vernissage there is not muh left to do for me other than some PR and interviews here and there. My focus at that time is of course keep calling my main guests and potential buyers and I try to arrange a few social activities that allows interaction and networking for everybody involved in the event.

Let’s talk about location. This year Art Monaco will take place at Espace Fontvieille. why this Change ?
It was basically for dates availability. We decide to change so we can be holding the event in July. Off-course this change allows also to have more flexibility in terms of space design as since the venue is empty we can build anything we want .

Still talking about Art Monaco what is new? Which ideas you are planning for the future?
ART MONACO is now the largest event in the French Riviera and one of the most important artistic platforms. For the future we expect to keep presenting with new and different artwork always with some highlight masterpieces and private collection pieces but with the door very open for emerging artist and galleries.

Thank you Johnessco for spending your time to answer our questions!
Thank you Vincenzo!